Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ten on Thursday!

(A little catch up)

4th of July parade.

Checking out the scene.

 Grey and Kendra

Daddy pulling me in my wagon.

I want to play, daddy!

ready for fireworks... 

Not too impressed.

but mommy and daddy were.

Grandpa and Grandma bought me a sand box!

and I really like it.

but made sure not to get too dirty.


Thursday, July 14, 2011


So my parents have been telling us that Sutton is looking more and more like her momma the older she gets.  They have had an image of me as a little girl in their mind and have been talking about this picture for some time now.  They stumbled upon it and sent it to us. 

You be the judge.....


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

ONCE Meses!!

Eleven months!! 

Wow...where has the time gone and Miss Sutton, when did you get so old??  You are no longer a baby - you act and look like a toddler now.   Here are some of your 11 month milestones....

* You are officially walking.  It didn't take you long from taking your first steps to getting from point A to point B.  You get so excited and clap for yourself when you get to your "destination."  You are so proud - as are we!!  Your sweet Aunt Kim gave you some new kicks that squeak when you walk.  You love to make them squeak and we now know where you are at ALL times in the house

*  You finally said your first word...DaDa!  This made mamma so happy even though it wasn't MaMa.  It is the cutest thing to hear you at night laying in bed saying DaDa, DaDa, over and over again.  Talk about pulling at your Daddy's heart strings - all he wants to do is go upstairs and love on you more.

*  You just got your 1st haircut.  You did great!  You sat in the chair like a big girl and didn't cry.  You kept turning around to look at yourself in the mirror every time the lady would turn you away.  I think you liked it even though you never smiled once.  :)

*  Naps....what's that?  You are definitely trying to drop your naps.  We usally get one long nap around lunch then a little cat nap on the way home from school.  Not so sure this is a good thing, we may need to work on this a little bit. 

*  You have 8 teeth and it looks like another is popping up on the bottom.  Holy moly, girlfriend....slow down.

*  This week, you started at your new school.  Momma had a lot of anxiety over the switch and prayed for an easy transition.  You did GREAT.  We both started the morning in tears but it ended up being a good day for you.  You were so happy when I picked you up and I was able to put all my broken heart pieces back together.  We are so proud of you.

*  You love to fake cough.  :)  (Not sure this should be encouraged like it is.)

*  You love to drink from your sippy cup during the day.  The day is quickly approaching when we will have to get rid of the baba.  I dread that because you LOVE your morning and nighttime baba. 

*  Your baby doll - she is no longer the light of your life.  Every time you push your stroller, you throw her out. We are quick to love on the baby and put her back in the stroller but out she goes again.  You would rather push shoes, farm animals and other random toys rather than your baby.  Maybe you are trying to tell us that you are not going to be a girly girl!  No problem.

* You won't sit still for longer than 3 seconds.  You are constantly on the go and BUSY, BUSY, BUSY.  I was trying to capture your precious 11 month pics but couldn't get you to sit still.  We tried everything to get you to smile big!  Finally (after a little frustration), I told daddy to just let you roam and we will see what we get AND......

 (sticker immediately ripped off and)

(crumbled in hand)

THAT WAS THE END OF OUR PHOTO SHOOT.  What's a mom and dad to do??

Happy 11th month birthday, Sweet Sass.  We love you SO much.  XOXO.