Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Must...

Patrick has been talking about getting pictures of Sutton in the bluebonnets for awhile now.  He wanted a picture of her surrounded by bluebonnets in a white dress.  (pretty sweet, huh!?!)  Since we were driving down to San Antonio for Easter, we thought we could take the back way home (take 281) and get some pictures of her on the side of the road. 

Well, enter CiCi and Janet (one of my mom's sweetest friends). 
Sutton had stayed with my parents (really just CiCi since ironically, Oso ended up in Dallas for work unexpectedly) for the week leading up to Easter and had lots of fun.  When we got to San Antonio Friday night, CiCi had a wonderful surprise for us! 

430 pictures of our precious little Sutton having a tea party in the bluebonnets.  Our hearts were so happy!  
Thank you CiCi and Janet for such a wonderful gift and surprise.  You did such a wonderful job capturing her in these pictures.  We will cherish them forever. 


BTW...Yall should partner up together and become the professional CiCi&Honey photographers of San Antonio!  You would have a long line of clients lined up to get on your calendar.  :)