Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Our little senorita was 2 months yesterday and boy, was it a big day!  We started the day with her 2 month check-up, 4 shots and some big tears. Many thanks to CiCi - both Sutton and I needed a shoulder to cry on, and Patrick was unable to come along with us. Sutton was a big girl, and we were so proud of her. CiCi and I took Sutton shopping afterwards so she wouldn't hold a grudge against us! Over the last few days she has started to talk to us by cooing and smiling up a storm - it's too sweet! Here are a few of her 2 month pictures...

Showing off my pretty Hello Kitty band-aids! Such a big girl.


Saturday, September 25, 2010

SMU Bound????

Sutton attended her first SMU tailgate and football game on Friday night. SMU played TCU so it was a big game and it was also Parents Weekend. Sadly, we lost but it was a good game until the 4th quarter - just when Sutton was ready to go home! :) She loved being outside and around all the action! Thankfully, it was a breezy night and the wind kept us cool! Here are some pics from our night.

We thought she should wear her cowboy boots like all the college girls!
Sutton on the boulevard with the girls!!
 Friday Night Lights! 
 Our first Parents Weekend!!  :)

I like to think Sutton loved being at SMU rather than OSU but we will let her make that decision for us but I am saving my pennies because I've got a feelin'!!!!!

Weston Kirk King

Kim and Adam blessed our family with another precious little nephew, Weston. He was born on September 22 and weighed 8 lbs 3 ozs. He is very alert and very interested in the world around him. He is just precious and has been surrounded with lots of love since the minute he was born! Welcome to the family, Weston! We have been waiting for you and love you so much!

Sweet little boy!
 I love all his hats!

Here is the proud BIG brother!!
Miss Sutton meeting her new cousin! She is excited to have another baby to play with! It will be lots of fun watching these two go up so close in age!
Weston had another little friend come visit - Anna! She had some exciting news to share...she is going to be a BIG sister in March! Congrats Mandy and Monte!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Future OSU Cowboy???

This past weekend, Sutton crossed her first state line and went up to Stillwater for the OSU vs. Tulsa game. She had so much fun and got to meet some of Patrick's college friends. We went to the tailgate for awhile then Sutton and I called it a night while Patrick went onto the game. We had a great time and Sutton enjoyed her first (of many) trips up to OSU. We were both thankful at least one of the Cowboys pulled off a win! Here are a few pics from the trip!  
Side Note: Sutton will be attending her first SMU tailgate this Friday night so the verdict is still out on which one she likes best!  :)


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bring on the 30's

Thank you all for your sweet calls, texts, and messages for my birthday! My 30th birthday was filled with lots of love and happiness!!! I celebrated early with a fun dinner at the Porch with some of my sweet friends. It was so fun being able to celebrate and catch up with all of them! I spent the actual day with Sutton and Patrick - I could not have planned a better day. I was able to spend the whole day with Sutton then had a dinner date with Patrick. How can you not enjoy celebrating with these two!! They bring such joy to my life and I have to say, my 30s is off to a GREAT start.

Bring on the 30's!!! XOXO.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Southbound 35!!

This past weekend we headed down to San Antonio to visit CiCi and Papa Oso for Labor Day Weekend! Sutton had a weekend full of many firsts...first roadtrip to SA, meeting lots of family and friends, swimming in the pool, eating at Chris Madrids, etc! Here are a few pictures of our wonderful weekend! Thank you to everyone who came by to meet Sutton and visit with us! It was so much fun!

Sutton and Field meeting for the first time! Their excitement zonked them out! Ha! 
Me with Sweet Field! I have been waiting 12 weeks to meet this precious boy!
Bathing Beauty laying on KK soaking up some rays!
Testing out the waters...I think I like it!
Not too bad!
Playing with KK!
Someone didn't like having their picture taken but thank you CiCi and Oso for my pretty dress!
My early birthday dinner celebration! DELICIOUS!
Celebrating with my favorites!!
Caping off the great weekend with a burger from Chris Madrids! You can't visit SA without a trip here and Sutton agreed!!

Thank you CiCi, Oso, and KK for such a fun weekend. It was a vacation for me and I can't thank you enough! Sutton is counting the days until she comes back in October!! XOXO!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sweet Cousins and P90Sutton

Sutton is so loved by her many cousins! She has already been able to spend lots of time with them and loves being the baby of the group - even if it is for a very short time! We are all anxiously awaiting for the arrival of our new nephew, Weston.  Kim and Adam are expecting ther last baby boy, and at the end of this month, Sutton will have to pass down the title! Here is our little girl with her sweet cousins. My hope for her is that her relationship with her cousins is what my sister and I experienced with our cousins - a relationship filled with lots of love, sisterhood, deep friendship, and FUN (and maybe a lttle trouble here and there)!!!

Back in the day, Patrick and I got into P90X but it slowly fell off the radar once I got pregnant! We kept saying once we had the baby, we would get back into the videos once we put her down to sleep - hhahha, we were so naive. Well, below is our new version we like to call P90Sutton! This is one of the few ways to quiet our child during her fussy times. If anyone is interested in the newest version, give us a call. Our biceps are HUGE!