Monday, June 11, 2012

Party on the Third Coast...

This past week, we took a little trip down to Port Aransas. My dad, Patrick, and Adam were fishing in a tournament over the weekend so we thought we would make a little trip down with the kiddos and stay a few extra days. Boy are we glad we did! The kids had SO much fun. This was the first time for Sutton to be on the beach and I am happy to report that she was a huge fan! Looks like we will be making many more family memories at the beach. Here is a video of some of our pictures from the trip!


  1. Can't get enough of watching Sutton. She is such a doll. Great video Amanda. Sutton looks more like you each time i see her. (if that is possible).
    So great that she liked the beach right away. Yes I see the beach in your future with the surfer girl Sutton.

  2. Great job on this video! Your pics captured the fun of your trip. Loved watching all Sutton's precious expressions of joy!!! Thanks for sharing. Much love to you all